MJB COLOR Consulting Services


Color Science and Color Management for the Motion Picture Industry

- Monitor Calibration for DI and VFX (2D/3D)

- Projector Calibration(P3, Rec709, DCI-XYZ)

- Light Source Analysis and Design for Imaging Systems

- DI and VFX 3D Look Up Tables (3DLUTS) for Film Emulation Viewing

- 3DLUTS for Various Venues and Standards (i.e., Rec709, P3, DCI-XYZ etc)>

- Transforms to Convert Digital Rec709 or P3 data to 10 Bit Log DPX for Recorder Output

- Custom 3DLUTS and 1DLUTS for Various VFX Software Programs that Preserves the Color Position Between Platforms

- Custom Digital Color Patch Generation for Recorder and Print Analysis and LUT Creation

- Digital_Projector_Standards_Setup

- Read Large Film Patch Sets ( 1000 to 6000 patches or more, 35mm and 65mm) of Status A and Status M Densities from Prints or Negatives

- Custom Digital Camera Spectral Response Measurements (10nm, 5nm, 2nm or 1nm from 380nm to 800nm)

- Custom Spectrophotometry and Custom Color Analysis Programming

- Digital YCM Separation Archiving Techniques

- Color Seminars

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