Custom Digital Intermediate 3D Look up Tables for Film Emulation Viewing

Digital Intermediate post production on either scanned negatives or digital camera files that are converted into the industry standard 10 bit Log Cineon DPX files need to have a viewing 3DLut that emulates the recording and the printing process in the film laboratory. The goal of the 3DLut is to exactly match the image on the digital projector to that of the same image on film projected on the film projector in the DI suite. The result is an extremely accurate match if the digital projector and the film projector are viewed in the same room side-by-side.

These 3DLuts can be produced by strict calculation for an approximate match. However, the best results are obtained when a reasonably large set of color patches are recorded and printed at the specific film laboratory and then measured on a calibrated densitometer. This data is used to generate a custom 3DLut for a specific laboratory (i.e., Deluxe, FotoKem, etc.) and Intermediate film stock and print stock. The display device (usually a digital projector set up in P3 mode) is also measured and incorporated into the viewing 3DLut.

MJB Consulting can provide assistance in generating these custom 3DLuts for viewing and for rendering into Digital Cinema XYZ data.